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FinTS - Financial Transaction Services

In 1995 the German banks represented by their associations participating in The German Banking Industry (DK, former ZKA) announced a common online banking standard called: "Homebanking Computer Interface (HBCI)".

This standard was created for bank customers and manufacturers of banking products (PFMs) for the communication with their banks  (multibanking support). In the following years the standard has steadily been improved in many ways, mainly in the security area to meet the araising requirements.  With the creation of new and attractive business transactions the functionality of the client products grew accordingly.

In 2003 the DK announced the next generation of the well established standard: FinTS (Financial Transaction Services) with the definition of new  roles to improve the communication possibilities. With this new feature the standard is now ready to support financial portals. FinTS supports a variety of electronic banking services like money transfers,  bank statements, time deposits, investments and the whole area of online brokerage, which can be used online in a comfortable way.

With the support of the banking signature card FinTS offers the highest possible level of security for online banking. The standard uses modern cryptographical security algorithms to protect against hacker attacks in an effective way. In addition to smartcard  and magnetic media support FinTS integrates the popular one time password mechanism PIN/TAN. FinTS can be used via various online services and networks (i.e.the  internet).  

Actually FinTS is supported by more than 2000 German banks.  Well known manufacturers of online banking software support this standard - so the customer can chose from a great variety of products.

For further information refer to the FinTS specification itself:
  FinTS- /HBCI-Version  
  FinTS 4.0 being prepared
  FinTS 3.0 being prepared
  HBCI 2.2 Download
  HBCI 2.1 specification out of maintenance
  HBCI 2.01 specification out of maintenance
(Unauthorized translation. For exact information please refer to the German version of the specification.)

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